Kerry Emery


Born in USA, 1958

Studied at the Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara California

BAS from the College of Saint Petersburg, Clearwater Florida

I remember picking up a little Kodak box camera when I was about 5 years old…I was amazed that one can capture how you view and frame these little vignettes of the world! I have been shooting ever since.

​Visuals are a huge part of our world. Our brains interpret a huge amount of data 24/7 and there’s a lot of competition. It’s really staggering what our brains are processing and selectively storing. Photographs can evoke a range from good to bad, silly to sad or just pure creativity. I believe that photography has become an art form of extreme depth. Use the tools. Or not. Makes no difference to me.  Just be creative.  Give me a visual.  Be present & aware.  Use your very best creative tool –  Think!

My job is to make you stop and take notice of the image.  You decide why - or just plain enjoy it.